Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stumbleupon reviewed nictoglobe

23 Maart 2007:
Lifehacker aka Marc Garret reviewed Nictoglobe

(Marc Garrett is co-director and cofounder,
along with artist Ruth Catlow of the net arts collective
furtherfield.org & furthernoise.org. )

stumblers, cyberculture, internet, arts, art
Semantic Disturbances

A series of browser based automata.
The work shows the ongoing net citations assembled
and chosen by the Brahamian Intelligence Service.

Texts found on the Web are rearranged, deformed, crushed
to make them appear as being derived from text.
However as a convenience to the reading audience,
a mechanism is built in to show the texts as they were
found on the World Wide Web.

The selection criteria are based upon the dismantling and
re-orienting attitudes towards art, science and religion in
our present society. The Brahamian Intelligence Service is a
co-operation between several Dutch, Amsterdam based,
media artists.

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