Monday, July 09, 2007

Creative Resistance

Creative Resistance - New Media as Soft Arms
See also: DIY CoolMediaHotTalkShow, Amsterdam de Balie


The following individuals and collectives have contributed to our call for
submissions. Apparently there are no Dutch contributors, is this indicative
for the Dutch cultural position in a global perspective? See the coming
issue for indepth coverage.


Sarah Bogh Jensen[dk] - Response, Adam Trowbridge[us] - Creative Resistance
in a controlled society, Caterina Davinio[it] - Chat Love, Robert Dayton[uk]
- Sumo, Taranta Completer[au] - The Past we want, Merce Rodrigo[es] - The
role of New Media in the Production of lived Urban Space Today


Simona Koch[de] - Zeit fuer Verantwortung, Patrick Fontana[it] - Grenze,
'Karl Marx, das Kapital' - Videoperformance, Thomas Fourmond[fr] - Reflet,
Hans Bernard[de] - Uebermorgen, Foriginal Media Hack No. 2, 2007, Veronique
Sapin[fr] - FemLink, worldwide video collage, David Guez[fr] - interlligence


Suguru Goto[jp], Jenifer Douzenel[fr], Jofroi Amaral[de], Sarawut
Personal comments:[us] - Television is chewing gum for the
eyes[mcluhan], Michel Jacobs[nl], The way to go?


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