Tuesday, July 17, 2007

[nictoglobe]Summer Edition online.

As of todate the new summer edition of nictoglobe is online.

In this edition:
Creative Resistance
The following individuals and collectives have contributed to our call for
submissions. .
Apparently there are no Dutch contributors, is this indicative for the Dutch
cultural position in a global perspective?


Sarah Bogh Jensen[dk] - Response, Adam Trowbridge[us] - Creative Resistance
in a Control Society, Caterina Davinio[it] - Chat Love, Robert Dayton[uk] -
Sumo, Taranta Completer[au] - The Past we want, Merce Rodrigo[es] - The Role
of New Media in the Production of Lived Urban Space Today


Simona Koch[de] - Zeit fuer Verantwortung, Patrick Fontana[it] - Grenze,
'Karl Marx, das Kapital' - Videoperformance, Thomas Fourmond[fr] - Reflet,
Hans Bernard[de] - Uebermorgen, Foriginal Media Hack No. 2, 2007, Veronique
Sapin[fr] - FemLink, worldwide video collage, David Guez[fr] - interlligence


Suguru Goto[jp], Jenifer Douzenel[fr], Jofroi Amaral[de], Sarawut

Personal comments: hight@34n118w.net[us] - Television is chewing gum for the
eyes[mcluhan], Michel Jacobs[nl], The way to go?

Vurige Tongen 2007: - Fiery Tongues 2007
Poetry Festival Ruigoord 2007
[Field Recordings, Pentecost Monday 2007]

Beat Poets Special with a.o. Joan Gannij, Eddie Woods, Emanuel Lorsch

Paul Schaaps: announcing Emanuel Lorsch
Emanuel Lorsch
Eddie Woods: The Sixties & Ode to Ruigoord (Horige Stad)
Extra: Dylan Thomas reads 'Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night
from Caedmon Literary Series TCE-105 (1952)
The Iwanovas: Music for the Bohemian Masses

And our regular items:
Art, Projects and RadioTV


A. Andreas
Curator - Editor

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